UGS for Border Patrolling and Perimeter Security

Mar 02, 2018 | ---

While patrolling borders and perimeters are obvious roles for unmanned systems because they fall into the classic dull, dirty or dangerous category, they are not the same. While they have in common the basic requirement to monitor an area around a sensitive facility or the zone adjacent to an international boundary, they might differ substantially in terms of the size of the areas to be covered and in the challenges that the environment and the terrain might present to Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). These challenges can affect the configuration, size, power plant, communications and navigation systems, level of autonomy and payloads of the vehicles best suited to these roles.
Varied Environments
Facilities such as military bases, power plants and oil refineries, etc, are more likely to be on even ground, have substantial physical barriers such as fences and walls and to have either clear lines of sight for radio communications or convenient locations for relays and plentiful facilities for recharging batteries. Borders are likely to encompass a wider variety of terrains from desert and mountains to forests, steppes, plains and even urban areas and can also extend for hundreds or even thousands of miles. In both roles, however, higher levels of autonomy and increasingly flexible payload configurations are defining a new generation of UGVs able to operate successfully in complex environments and augment skilled guard forces.


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