The secret life of a Peli Protective Case.

Mar 21, 2018 | DEFENCE21 Magazine

The secret life of a Peli Protective Case. Much more than Extreme Protection

Research among 1.400 consumers shows 95% give alternative creative uses to their Peli Cases

Barcelona, March 2018 – “Reliable, helpful every time you need it and with many years of adventures together” may seem a description for a close friend. In fact, this is how many would describe their Peli Case, according to a recent research conducted by Peli among 1.400 consumers[1]. An impressive 95% said that they use their case for extreme protection, and for many other creative uses or for reliable help. The respondents are from diverse professional backgrounds, including the Industrial (25%), Audiovisual (25%) and Safety & Law Enforcement (20%) sectors. creative thinking: a Peli Case not just for protection

Resourceful and creative is what we could call the respondents of the survey, since they give all sort of alternative uses to their cases. A 56% of Peli fans use their cases as a step-up, a chair, a lunch table or a working desk, while an intrepid 20% have used it as a floating life-saver. In addition, there are 28 out-of-the-box thinkers who even used their cases to fry eggs in the middle of the desert!

With a 26% of respondents being adventurers and a 13% sporting fans, each person’s imagination is the limit when it comes to creative applications. Some people use their case as a surface marker buoy to indicate their position when diving. Some have improvised a convenient baby bath tub during trips. Other brave ones have driven their car up the case to have enough height to do a repair under it, while a daring person used it as an anchor for tying up a rope and squeeze the case between rocks for rappelling. That’s the type of confidence users have in the military-tested resistance of the Peli cases. does this trust come from?

It’s of common knowledge that a Peli is the most resistant Protective Case out there. A 30% of the respondents knows this as a fact, by categorically giving the right answer when stating that a Peli case has survived all of these: a tsunami, a trip to the outer space (-52Cº, 32 Km), a Land Rover rolling over on top of it, a Grizzly Bear attack, a month immersion in a harsh sea and a crash into an iceberg. Overall, the 94% of respondents believe that a Peli case would survive for sure one of the above. These amazing real stories are at Peli’s survival testimonials webpage:

Peli, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protection cases, is the creator of the protective cases category with over 40 years of experience in extreme protection. Watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and crushproof, the Peli Cases carry a legendary Lifetime Guarantee (where applicable by law). Military tested, they offer reliable protection for any project: from adventure expedition to scientific projects and professional uses. It’s the case you can rely on, always.


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