Rackmount RF and microwave amplifier for disrupting HF signal transmissions introduced by Empower

Mar 08, 2018 | ---

HOLBROOK, N.Y. – Empower RF Systems Inc. in Holbrook, N.Y., is introducing the 2203 rackmount RF and microwave amplifier for enabling or disrupting HF signal transmissions on mission-critical applications covering 1 MHz to 6 GHz.

The 2203 is capable of operating in multi-domain scenarios as a jamming and/or communications power amplifier at optimal performance with any type of modulation, including AM, FM, multi-tone, pulse, PSK, FSk and complex digital modulation.


The 2203 is designed with the latest 50 volt laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (LDMOS) device technology which lowers transistor count and reduces combining losses while increasing efficiency and reliability.

This amplifier offers user selectable graceful output power degradation, backing down power to a safe operating level in the event of component failure or excessive load voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) condition.

Configurable features include selectable output power control; automatic gain control (AGC); automatic level control (ALC); manual gain control (MGC); selectable operating modes fir CW, FM, AM, and CE; digital modulation; multi-carrier / multi-tone; pulse modulation; and gated pulse, blanking.

The device also has input power options of 220 single phase, three phase delta, or Y (208 or 380 volts AC); 48 volt DC protection; load VSWR 3:1 (6:1 at 1/2 Psat); input overdrive protection; thermal overload protection; over/under AC voltage protection; out of band drive protection; selectable graceful output power degradation; and electronic VSWR protection.


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