Multi-purpose Autonomous INTELLIOS

Mar 02, 2018 | ---

Sharp's new INTELLIOS A-UGV, for example, is described as a multi-terrain platform designed to collect and transmit audio, visual and environmental data while acting as a visible deterrent while conducting outdoor surveillance, security, safety and maintenance
inspections. The UGV runs pre-programmed routes around the facility, although an operator in command centre can override the planned route if necessary, and the autonomous control system runs collision avoidance logic that uses inputs from a Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) sensor system. Lithium ion batteries in user replaceable cartridges provide an average of eight hours run time for three touring shifts daily, says the company, and the rugged chassis rolls on multi-terrain tyres. The sensor suite can include TV cameras, thermal imagers and optional gas and chemical sensors to detect a wide range of threats including vandalism, trespassing, theft, pipeline cracks and gas leaks. The A-UGV also carry a siren, flashing lights and two-way communications including speakers for voice announcements and warnings. A telescopic boom equipped with a camera extends to average human height, enabling it to see over obstacles. However, Sharp emphasises that the A-UGV is optimised for perimeter/facility patrol tasks, listing distribution and storage, manufacturing, power and utility, pharmaceutical plants, data centres, petrochemical and mining complexes, airports and railway yards and various government facilities among its target markets, highlighting ease of integration with existing security infrastructure.


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