FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit

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FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit for 40mm Grenades on display at SOFIC 2019


(Herstal, Belgium) – May 15, 2019. For 130 years, Belgium-based FN Herstal has provided generations of
Defense and Security Forces as well as Special Units, with firearms that give them a clear advantage in any
engagement. This proud tradition is set to continue long into the future, with the integration of the latest
generation of electronic modules coming from the cutting-edge FN® e-novation range of solutions, that
FN Herstal and its US-based subsidiary FN America will exhibit at SOFIC, USA (FL), May 20-23, 2019.
The FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit provides a
complete sighting and aiming solution for 40mm
LV and MV grenade launchers. It calculates the
trajectory of grenades and gives an adjusted
point of aim enabling the grenadier to obtain first
round hits in all conditions – night and day. The
FN® FCU Mk3 comprises a laser range finder; a large
aiming window for easy target acquisition; sensors
for temperature, angles of elevation, and cant ; a
ballistic calculator ; and a self-adjusting electronic
reticle. It also has a quick detach base through a
MIL-STD-1913 type interface and one hand
activated lever. When combined, all these features help
to dramatically increase the hit probability of the 40mm grenade system in defense and security operations, and
embody FN Herstal’s motto of "Enhancing capability through e-technology". The FN® FCU Mk3 can be fitted onto
any rifles or carbines - such as the FN SCAR® (FN® MK 16 or 17) assault rifle featuring an underslung grenade
launcher, onto stand-alone launchers such as FN40GL®-S (FN® MK13) or onto multi-shot grenade launchers.
FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit for 40mm Grenades
on display at SOFIC 2019
FN ® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit for 40mm Grenades:
Hit first time. On target. Night and day.
FN Herstal, S.A.
Voie de Liège 33 | B-4040 Herstal | Belgium
Tel. : +32 4 240 81 11 | info@fnherstal.com
130 years of excellence. Leading to the future.
FN Herstal is the Defense and Security branch of the Herstal Group.
Situated in Belgium since its creation the Herstal Group is also active in the civilian sector through its range of Hunting,
Shooting and Outdoor products with the Browning and Winchester Firearms brands*. The Herstal Group has almost 3,000
employees worldwide, and registered a turnover of more than 800 million Euros in 2017.
FN Herstal’s mission is to design, develop and manufacture a full range of innovative solutions at the leading edge of
technology, centered on small arms and their ammunition, that meet specific market requirements today and in the future.
The customers are Armed Forces, Security Forces and Special Groups worldwide.
The FN Herstal product range includes small arms, Less Lethal systems, and integrated weapon systems for air, sea and land
applications, remote weapon stations, small caliber ammunition, and solutions that harness modern technology to enhance
the capabilities of the dismounted combatant.
FN Herstal is based near Liège in Belgium, with three fully owned subsidiaries: FN America (USA), FNH UK (UK) and Noptel
For more information about FN Herstal, visit www.fnherstal.com.
* Winchester Firearms is a trademark registered by the Olin Corporation.
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The FN® e-novation range also includes the FN® SAM and the FN® Expert solutions. The FN® SAM solution
combines the FN SmartCore® shot counter and an associated software that ensures optimized digital small arms
management. The FN® Expert is a marksmanship training system for carbines, rifles and recoilless rifles that is safe,
efficient and easy to use for both shooters and instructors.
If you are attending SOFIC 2019, you can view the FN® e-novation range and other products such as the FN SCAR®
carbines and rifles on FN Herstal/FN America booth no. 804. If you are unable to attend SOFIC 2019, please visit
www.fnherstal.com to find out more about FN Herstal’s wide range of high grade products.


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