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Mar 16, 2018 | BAE Systems


BAE electronic warfare technology delivers superior situational awareness, even in the most complex battlespace. Defeating threats long before they can be seen is how we provide the critical edge.World leader in electronic warfare

BAE Systems is the premier mission systems provider of affordable and effective electronic warfare (EW) solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, we have flown systems on more than 80 platforms and operate on 80% of U.S. military fixed-wing aircraft. BAE Systems is the sole EW provider for 5th generation aircraft, and our production of integrated systems for 4th generation aircraft extends platform purpose and enhances aircraft survivability and mission capability for future use.

End-to-end solutions

BAE Systems supports all stages of the product lifecycle — development, production and sustainment. Having delivered more than 13,500 tactical systems, our hot production line and global support network give our customers a rapid fielding advantage. With dedicated EW integrated manufacturing centers of excellence, BAE Systems is ready to meet increasing production and sustainment demands.

Cutting-edge technology

Threats are evolving at a rapid pace, with adversaries attacking our defenses in ways never seen before. With broad bandwidth, near-instantaneous detection and industry-leading signal processing, our state-of-the-art electronic warfare technology counters current and emerging threats for all three EW missions: electronic attack, electronic protection and electronic support. With the longest sensor range in the industry, our systems are our customer’s first alert to threats.

Next-generation technology

Our research and development business solves some of the United States’ most critical defense and intelligence problems in the areas of advanced electronics, autonomy, cyber, electronic warfare, and sensors and processing. Each of these technologies is leveraged in BAE Systems distributed EW capabilities. Other EW R&D capabilities include anti-jam/electronic protection, multispectral EW, cognitive EW, and EW demonstration systems.


Electronic Support Electronic Attack
  • Rapid detection, identification, and tracking
  • Direction finding and geolocation
  • Passive targeting support
  • Missile warning    
  • Threat analysis and response
  • Multispectral, RF/threat management 
  • Off-board and on-board self-protection
Electronic Protection Mission support
  • Operational analysis
  • Mission planning tools and data file generators
  • Mission and battle management
  • Avionics test systems and maintenance aids


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