Changing of the Guard "UGS for Border Patrolling and Perimeter Security"

Mar 03, 2018 | ---

An example of a system developed for more rugged terrain and higher threat environments is an operational instantiation of IAI
Lahav's Guardium, a UGV based on a lightweight Tomcar chassis that went into service with the Israel Defence Force (IDF) as a border patrol asset in 2009.
Initially, vehicles will track targets only, maintaining contact until they can be intercepted by human security units. TALOS also had to be scalable to suit changes in requirements and different local conditions such as border length, topography and surveillance system density. The autonomous capabilities were described as artificially intelligent, governed by rules programmed into the vehicles and the command and control system and able to learn from operational experience and adapt to local conditions.
Another innovation was the use of energy harvesting systems such as solar panels, wind turbines and water wheels in areas where it is not possible to connect to the power grid.



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