The Mena Defence, Security and Aerospace Magazine for The 21st Century

Issue 5


Editorial Plan for Issue 5/2017

October – November 2017

Publication Date: 29 September 2017

Ad Reservation Deadline: 27 September, 2017

Deadline for Editorial Material: 25 September, 2017

Bonus Circulation: AUSA 2017(9-11/10), SEOUL International Airshow 2017(17-22/10), Defence& Security 2017 (6-9/11)

Issue Contents


Strategic Analysis, Markets, Tactics...

- What is Next After the Fall of ISIS?

Press Interviews With(*)

- Gen. Abdul Rahman Bin Saleh Al Banyan Chairman of the General Staff of Saudi Armed Forces

- Mr. Vincent CHONG CEO of ST Engineering

(*) May be featured in this issue

Shows &Exhibitions(1)

Comprehensive Previews on:

• AUSA 2017

• SEOUL International Airshow 2017

• Defence& Security 2017

Full Review Reports on:

• MAKS 2017

• MSPO 2017

• DSEi 2017

Country Report(2)

- The Defence Posture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Special Profile(3)

- Singaporean Defence Industry

Land Systems

- Engineering equipment: A trend to Highly Capable Vehicles

Naval Systems

- New Detection Technologies Threaten Naval Subs

Aerospace Systems

- The New Space Race

- Pilots Flight Control Systems

Unmanned Systems

- UGVs for Logistic Support

Missile Systems

- A New Wave of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface Missile Systems

Homeland Security

- Weapon Storage Products

Training & Simulation

- Virtual Battlefield Engagement Training

Weapon Systems

- Chemical Warfare Attacks in Syria

Information Warfare

- What are the Preventive Measures of Asia Pacific Countries Against Chinese & North Korean Cyber Threats?

Electronic Warfare

- Recent Developments in Electronic Attack Systems Suppressing Enemy Communications

Military Communications

- Military Satellite Communications

Sensor Systems

- How EO/IR Technologies are Keeping Pace with Latest Technologies?


Regional and International News, New Deals, New and Upgraded Technologies, New Executives and More...

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