The Mena Defence, Security and Aerospace Magazine for The 21st Century

Issue 4


Editorial Plan for Isuue 4/2017

August – September 2017

Publication Date: 25 August 2017

Ad Reservation Deadline: 23 August 2017

Deadline for Editorial Material: 21 August 2017

Bonus Circulation: MAKS 2017(15-20/08), MSPO 2017(4-7/09), DSEi 2017(12-15/09)


Issue Contents


Strategic Analysis, Markets, Tactics...

- South China Sea Conflict

Press Interviews With(*):

- Lt. Gen. Ahmed bin Harith bin Nasser al-Nabhani, Chief of Staff of Omani Armed Forces

- High Ranking Figure at Rosoboronexport

(*) May be featured in this issue

Shows & Exhibitions(1)

Comprehensive Previews on:

• MAKS 2017

• MSPO 2017

• DSEi 2017/ Special Supplement

 Full Review Reports on:

• Paris Airshow 2017

• IMDS 2017

Country Report(2)

- The Defence Posture of the Sultanate of Oman

Special Profile(3)

- Russian Defence Industry

Land Systems

- Military Trucks are getting Thicker Skin for Cabins

Naval Systems

- Multi Purpose Torpedoes

Aerospace Systems

- MPA: Going Multi Role

-Russian Helicopters: Active in Domestic & World Markets


Unmanned Systems

- Tactical UAVs Driving for MALE Missions

- UAVs Engines


Missile Systems

- RAM: Ready to Counter New Threats

Homeland Security

- Check point Search Technologies

Training & Simulation

- LVC: How Close to Reality

Weapon Systems

- Dismounted Identification Friend or Foe Technologies

Information Warfare

- How Countries and organizations are responding to Cyber Crimes

Electronic Warfare

- Combat Aircraft Self Protection Systems: Current and Future Technologies

Military Communications

- Analogue & Digital Solutions for Voice and Data Communications

Sensor Systems

- Latest Radar Systems for Leading Fighter Aircraft


Regional and International News, New Deals, New and Upgraded Technologies, New Executives and More...

English Supplement