The Mena Defence, Security and Aerospace Magazine for The 21st Century

Issue 1: February – March 2017


Editorial Plan for Issue 1/2017

February – March 2017

Publication Date: 15 February, 2017

Ad Reservation Deadline: 13 February, 2017

Deadline for Editorial Material: 09 February, 2017

Bonus Circulation: IDEX & Navdex 2017(19-23/02) - AVALON 2017(28/02-02/03) - HOMSEC 2017(14-16/03)- AUSA Winter Symposium 2017(13-15/03) -LIMA 2017(21-25/03)

Issue Contents


Strategic Analysis, Markets, Tactics…

- A new World order is emerging

Press Interviews With(*):

- Lt. Gen. Mohammed Khaled Al-Khodor Chief of General Staff of Kuwaiti Armed Forces

- Mr. Hakan Buskhe President & CEO of Saab

(*) May be featured in this issue

Shows & Exhibitions(1)

Comprehensive Previews on:

• IDEX & Navdex 2017

• Avalon 2017

• Homsec 2017

• AUSA Winter Symposium

• Lima 2017

Full Review Reports on:

• IDEAS 2016

• I/ITSEC 2016

• IAV 2017

Country Report(2)

- The Defence Posture of the State of Kuwait

Special Profile(3)

- Scandinavian Defence Industry

Land Systems

- Field Artillery Systems: From Swarming Fires to Unitary Gun Fire

- MLRS: Latest Trends and Developments

- Artillery Munitions: A Trend for Optimized Range and Precision

Naval Systems

- MENA Regional Naval Support Services

- Fast Attack Crafts

Aerospace Systems

- Naval Helicopters & their Related Weapon Systems

- Helicopter Market in the Wake of Reduced Oil Prices, Defence Budgets and Stagnant Growth

Unmanned Systems

-UCAVs: Future Fighter Coupled with Precision Targeting

Missile Systems

- SHORAD: Stationary and on the Move Protecting Troops


-Growing Role of UGVs in Perimeter and Border Security

Training & Simulation

- What’s Up in Maritime Training?

- Training Devices for MBTs & ROWS Turrets?

Weapon Systems

- The World of Hand Grenades

Information Warfare

- US 2015 Strategy: Focus on Deterrence

Electronic Warfare

- Electronic Warfare Systems for UAVs

Military Communications

- Software Defined Radios

Sensor Systems

- What are the Optimal Radar Systems for Navies?


Regional and International News, New Deals, New and Upgraded Technologies, New Executives and More...

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