The Mena Defence, Security and Aerospace Magazine for The 21st Century

Foot Note

1 - Shows and Exhibitions Review/ Preview section covers:

- Scope of visitors and official delegations.

- National pavilions and main exhibitors.

- Side conferences and live demonstrations.

- Major events, latest technologies and major displays.

- Recent acquisitions, deals, partnerships and deliveries.

- Market perspective and future trends.

- Feedback from major companies participating in the show.

- Level of success.

- Interviews with selected exhibitors or official figures maybe featured in this report.

2 - Country Report section covers:

- Economic situation and potential threats.

- Local defence industries and their contributions to the country needs and defence exports.

- Military might: structure of the Armed Forces, defence budgets, equipments in use and on order.

- Latest military acquisitions.

- Future defence needs and requirements.

- Follow-up of selected potential deals.

- An interview with top officials may be featured in this report.

3 - Special profile section covers:

- Review of current economic and diplomatic ties between the concerned country and MENA countries in general and the Gulf States in particular.

- Focus on major players and their state of the art technologies.

- Major success stories in MENA region and its future prospects.

- Recap of military cooperation with some of the prominent players in the region.

- Defence procurement programs of MENA countries, which are of vital interest to the concerned country.


Company Profile: Any company specialized in a certain domain can benefit from Defence21 offer:

- Coordination between Defence21 and interested company will be done two months prior to the publishing deadline to finalize the contents.

- The profile will cover the activities of the company and it may spread up to 5+ advertorial pages or 5+ editorial pages including one FPFC ad.

- The material will be either edited by Defence21 staff or provided by the company.

- The net price of the whole package will be equivalent to the price of one FPFC ad including translation.