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About Us

DEFENCE21, the leading defence, security and aerospace magazine in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is a bimonthly magazine (six issues/ year plus special issues/ supplements), it is published in Arabic with an English supplement covering main articles and interviews.

The primary role of the magazine is to raise the level of awareness on the latest defence, security and aerospace technologies and their relative systems in MENA countries to help people in charge of procurement planning and decision making develop smart procurement programs, coupled with technology transfer and know how, that can best meet their national security requirements with the best value of money.

DEFENCE21 is a well-balanced, diversified and informative magazine. It features mostly all sections of defence, security and aerospace (23 sections /issue). Furthermore, this comprehensive coverage, coupled with the wide circulation of the magazine, will enable DEFENCE21 costumers to benefit from its unlimited editorial support, and, therefore, have better chances to meet, regionally, their promotional objectives.

DEFENCE21 strategy focuses mainly on dynamic press interviews with high-ranking regional official figures, procurement planners, staff officers as well as industry executives and program managers. Such interviews are critical for targeting the core of defence news that can not be extracted from other available canned conservative information assets. 0.

DEFENCE21 is the only regional magazine that participates or visits most regional and international exhibitions and conferences to keep its valued readers abreast on the latest technologies, trends, markets, acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and consolidations. This presence helps the magazine establish contacts among people in charge of customer needs and their industry counterparts to enable them to develop business and sign contracts.

In line with its policy to expand its geographic and demographic footprint in MENA, DEFENCE21 circulation has succeeded in driving the magazine to the lead in most Arab countries in an unprecedented time.

Needless to say that DEFENCE21, since 2005, was the first defence and security magazine which offers to its readers the service of downloading its successive issues on its website ( with two options: High & Low resolution. This website is opened free to every body.

To sum up, the systematic, versatile, and informative uniqueness of DEFENCE21, coupled with its wide circulation, are making it the best selling magazine in the MENA region. The support of such a magazine is essential should industry players want to optimize their regional promotions in one single vehicle especially in this critical time of reduced defence budgets and low oil and gas prices.

As every body knows MENA region has emerged as a major strategic player in defence exports with the rise of global economic downturn, and it is enjoying the highest growth rates in commercial aviation.  

The performance of DEFENCE21 has been acclaimed by the organizers of several regional and international defence, security and aerospace exhibitions, such as: AUSA, Defexpo, DSA, International Airshows (Dubai, Paris, Farnborough, Singapore, MAKS, ILA...), in addition to Euronaval, Eurosatory, Idex, Navdex, UMex Dimdex, Imdex, Milipol Qatar, Sofex…Furthermore, it has been adopted by leading defence companies as the major vehicle for promoting their products in the MENA region.

It is noteworthy to mention that DEFENCE21 has been adopted by GICAT as its exclusive magazine for Eurosatory news in the Arabic language.